Public Affairs and Regulatory Advice

We support relations with government administrations, parliamentarians, local governments and politicians. We monitor the environment in terms of potential changes, prepare stakeholder maps, build coalitions and participate in the legislative process. We build arguments and recommend optimal channels of outreach, considering traditional and modern tools.

Crisis Communication

We comprehensively prepare companies for an effective response to a reputational crisis. We build the resilience of the organization by systematically updating threat maps and developing procedures and communication materials, as well as creating appropriate tools. We support our clients in the face of a crisis and recommend corrective actions.

Corporate Communication

We coordinate clients’ activities in the field of strategic communication with the environment. Together with our partners, we are responsible for media relations and activities in social media. We move freely in the environment of traditional media and the digital world and we can translate their potential into benefits for the organization. We prepare leaders for public speaking.

Transactions, Restructuring and Change Management

We have extensive experience in comprehensive communication services for acquisition and restructuring processes. Transactions are an integral part of the economy, the importance of which is growing especially in the present day, characterized by volatility and uncertainty. We offer advice at every stage of the process and we also support investor relations.

Environmental Analyses and Reports

One of the foundations of our advice is the constant collection of data and processing of knowledge about the socio-economic and political environment. The management boards with whom we work appreciate the importance of being aware of the variability of the environment, which is why we constantly develop analyses and reports for them as part of the open-source intelligence. One of our areas of interest is the ESG.


Thanks to our diverse experiences, we can prepare clients for various scenarios. That is why we offer training in crisis communication and effective communication related to changes. We prepare managers for media events and image building in social media. We work closely with media representatives.